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You're not flaky, wishy washy, or all over the place. You're a multi-passionate creative, and it's time to embrace your many talents as a gift, not a burden.

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Joi Knows How, Multi-Passionate Creative, D

Hi, I’m Joi!

I’m a multi-passionate creative. I say that with confidence now, but it wasn’t always this way. For most of my life, I was ashamed of having so many creative outlets. I thought that in order to be successful, I needed to figure out what my one “thing” would be and get really good it, leaving my other passions behind.

Then, I made a shift. I woke up one day and decided that I wasn’t going to choose. 

I found my voice. I started a blog, I created a personal brand. I got nationally published in my favorite magazine, I began speaking on podcasts. I landed my first speaking engagement.

I learned when to focus and when to pivot, how to overcome shiny object syndrome, and why most business advice would need to be adapted in order for it to apply to me as a multi-passionate.

With this newfound confidence mixed with the practical tools and mindset shifts, my world opened up. And that’s exactly what I want for you.

"The universe dropped Joi into my life at a time when I didn't even know how - or that it was possible, to embrace my multiple passions, without feeling guilty about not having a 'niche' to describe what it is that I 'do'. During a month of 1:1 coaching sessions with Joi, she guided me towards the clarity I needed to propel my business forward in the (perhaps for the very first time) aligned right direction that has since allowed my business to thrive like never before. I'm beyond grateful to now call Joi a friend in real life, and will forever refer to her as 'the multi-passionate creative queen' everyone needs in their life." 
-Kate Killoran

Join the tribe created for multi-passioanate creatives, by a multi-passionate creative!


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When you join the Tribe, you'll gain access to:

✔️ Monthly video trainings by myself or an industry expert

✔️ A monthly magazine ft. worksheets, checklist, affirmations + more

✔️Accountability from fellow creatives via our private FB community

✔️LIVE monthly group coaching to ask specific questions or get feedback on your current projects

⭐️ Bonus! Access to my Secret Stock Photo Library

⭐️ Bonus! Lifetimes access to my entire content library

⭐️ Bonus! Canva Quickie tutorials!

 "I could fill up pages worth of praise for Joi. She has the unique, special ability to connect with everyone she comes into contact with. Joi is a "practice what you preach" type of person, and I've seen her pour her heart and soul into building a truly collaborative, uplifting space for creatives of all kinds. Joi's commitment to empowering creatives and helping them reach their career goals is nothing short of inspiring."
-Arielle Frank

January/Feb ⇢ Finding Focus the Multi-Passionate Way (Part 1 & 2)

March⇢ Foundations of Building a Personal Brand

April⇢Become Your Own Graphic Designer with Canva

Join the membership helping multi-passionate creative build thriving personal brands where your creativity shines.


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"Joi is a gift. I asked to join the Creative Abundance Tribe because for as long as I can remember I was told I was a jack of all trades and master of none. After being in this group I felt seen and supported by Joi and others in the group. No matter what was needed someone had advice or support. I also had a private call with Joi and she was the most caring person ever. I’m looking forward to working with her more in the future."
-Keanne (community member)